UPVC Spraying for Swansea

Preparation for spraying your windows.

Preparation for spraying your windows

Woman cleaning her window frames ready for spraying

​An entire generation of homeowners discovered that they could have reasonably priced and incredibly sturdy door frames, window frames, and conservatory units thanks to UPVC. They had amazing looks and required little maintenance. However, UPVC might begin to appear a little worse for wear after a while. And that may be a huge pain. Naturally, you could swap them out for something new. Alternatively, you may simply go for spraying your windows, which is what many homeowners these days do.

Can you really spray UPVC windows?

Yes, spraying UPVC windows is a legitimate option. And it’s becoming a popular remedy for UPVC that has faded or been damaged. We wouldn’t advise doing it yourself because it calls for the proper equipment and professional-level expertise to get the desired effect. However, you may make the procedure simpler by getting your UPVC windows ready for painting. It’s very easy, and finishing it shouldn’t take too long.

One thing to keep in mind

There are numerous things you can do to get your UPVC windows ready for painting. But there is one thing that frequently goes unnoticed. Not all UPVC can be spray painted. If it is too old or broken down, it still won’t look good. Considering that many customers who want to have their UPVC painted will already have newish windows, this shouldn’t be a problem for them.

In the 1980s, the UPVC phenomenon truly took off, and many new homes were constructed with UPVC windows. A brand-new pair of white UPVC windows back then would be difficult to locate. It is much more likely that if the windows are outdated, then they’ll need to be replaced. What people have been doing recently is buying white windows because that’s the cheapest colour. Having them sprayed by us to a different colour as we are usually cheaper than window companies for coatings. Then having them installed and no one would notice the difference. If you do decide to paint a brand-new set, though, consult with a professional company first. It still might simply not be feasible.

How to prepare for spraying windows

As with most decorating tasks and procedures, you must start with a surface that is completely free of dirt and debris.

Step 1

Brush off as much of the dirt and dust from the surface as you can with a clean, dry sponge. Most of the work is done here. The surface ought to be as spotless and transparent as possible. To be as detailed as you can, take your time.

Step 2

Clean the surface thoroughly with water after wetting the sponge. Giving it a thorough cleaning can get rid of any leftover surface dirt.

Step 3

Get some UPVC cleaner and use a moist cloth to apply it. So that the impact is consistent, work the cleaner into one area of the surface at a time.

Step 4

Buff the surface with a dry towel to create a clean, dry UPVC window.


Your windows ought to be prepared for a repaint with this level of preparation however you could contact our team as we spray UPVC windows in Swansea and could save you a lot of time and hassle.

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