UPVC Spraying for Swansea

Is there a lot of overspray?

When it would come to spray paint. We always would want the best service as the paint lasts a long time. Now, no service is perfect but of course, here at UPVC spraying Swansea, we always do our best and try to lessen the chances of having any situations where items or property get damaged due to a lot of out-of-control overspray. 

Why we get overspray

In terms of spray paint, sometimes the paint may be too thick or too thin, runny or just plain dried out. A lot of these are quite common situations when you paint. One very common one, for example, is “Overspray”. Common as it may be, it can also be avoided during all your home projects. The main cause of overspray is that the air pressure pattern and the direction of the painting aren’t necessarily coordinating. But if you would be outside spraying doors, windows and conservatories. Then the wind may also alter the spraying and could also cause some overspray once everything is done.

To clarify some things, we have to make sure that to prevent overspray, we can always watch out for wind. Sometimes in spraying your project we even try to set up some sort of “spray/paint booth” for some of the smaller projects. This would take out the wind factor and avoid damage when we spray paint.

A man spraying a wall whilst keeping the gun close to the wall to reduce a lot of overspray

How we protect against overspray

Another common factor of overspray which is a very easy-to-solve factor is the distance you have between the sprayer and the surface. But after our initial consultation, we will know the surfaces that we’ll be working on and therefore the best way to apply the spray paint. We will also place protective materials around any area or items that you do not want to get overspray on.


Seeing as this is a common problem when it comes to spraying. We also have all of that covered when you come to us for your home project. We always would advise you to go ahead and give us a call and give us all the information necessary. Then we can consult our team of experts and cooperate with you while on a site visit. We also use the best tools on-hand when we work with customers on their home projects. This adds to minimising those little mishaps mentioned earlier. We always want what’s best for you as the home is where great memories are shared and started. We always try to give the customer the best value when it comes to our services. But also live to build great relationships between us and the customer.