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Can you spray windows grey from white?

Can you spray windows grey from white?

White window ready to be sprayed grey

Can you spray windows grey is one of the most popular questions we get asked. And anthracite grey is usually the grey they are referring to when they ask this. Anyway, the short answer is a resounding YES! We have converted hundreds of white UPVC windows from white to grey as your Swansea UPVC window spray painting experts.

Our family business specialises in spraying UPVC and kitchen cabinets. And we have created what we consider to be one of the best professional UPVC spraying services in your area.

Anthracite grey (RAL 7016)

Without a question, we have painted white UPVC windows grey more frequently than any other colour during the previous 18 months. And anthracite grey RAL 7016 has by far been the most popular colour. This is because it is modern and goes so well with most houses. Owners often ask us to paint everything the same shade of anthracite grey to match a new item they have ordered, in most cases, a front door.

Is it possible to spray white UPVC to any grey?

You are not limited to anthracite grey alone. Agate grey, French grey, window grey, and battleship grey are just a few of the UPVC door and window colours we have painted.

How we do it

  • Our procedure starts by using a specialised solvent UPVC cleaner to thoroughly clean all of the surfaces that will be sprayed.
  • The old silicone around the frames is then removed because the paint won’t stick to the silicone correctly.
  • Then we cover up the glass, surrounding brick and stone, room and passage entrances, furniture, plants, etc.
  • We use a professional compressor and gravity spray gun setup to spray our paint.
  • First, a thin layer of dust or mist is applied. If there is any lingering pollution on the surfaces, this will reveal it to us.
  • We spray two more coats after this has dried without seeing any negative effects.
  • Three coats may be necessary for some colours.
  • The paint is touch-dry after ten to twenty minutes, at which point we remove all of the maskings.
  • The frames are resealed with new silicone that is colour-matched.
  • The task is finished with a last clean-up.


So yes we can spray windows grey or any other colour you would like. All our work and coatings are covered by a 10-year warranty. So contact us right away for a FREE estimate on spraying your UPVC.

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