UPVC Spraying for Swansea

What colours do you have?

If you are interested in getting your UPVC windows sprayed a different colour then you have an enormous choice of colours, over 400 in fact. The British standard colour chart shows you all the basic colours available to you. We can usually make a custom colour for you if you have a different design in mind. Here we will take a look at the 5 most popular UPVC spraying Swansea colours.

The 5 most popular colours we have

Dark grey

This is an incredibly popular choice at present because it suits most house types such as brick, stone, modern and old. It gives it an almost aluminium look and really makes the window a feature of the house from the outside. There are many versions of dark grey which can all be different shades. Anthracite comes out on top as the most popular of those shades.

Light grey

This can offer a more subtle colour change to a house. It can leave people guessing about what is different about your home. This is because the lighter shade is not as obvious as the dark. It works well if you have other features at your property that are the main focal point. There are many versions of light grey which can all be different shades.


Black offers the best contrast on a house even more so than dark grey. It goes extremely well on white houses as the black really stands out on the blank canvas. Because it stands out it gives a home a brand-new look or an office a professional feel or a warehouse an added sense of security. It can also give the appearance of aluminium at a fraction of the price.

Photo of a black front door which is one of the colours we have


Although this is already the most common colour that UPVC windows are it is also one of the most popular choices and for good reason. It is clean and bright and suits mostly every house type. A lot of our customers actually already have white but they may have discoloured over time and so they want to freshen up their look.


These can involve chestnut, oak and rosewood brown. These three variances of brown are already popular on houses and so they are a popular choice for spraying. The chestnut is the darkest and it is a rich brown with a hint of red. The Rosewood is also dark and suits lots of old farmhouses. The oak is the lightest and goes great with stone houses.

Other colours growing in popularity

The colours red, green, and blue are known as primary colours. These are also very popular colours. These colours are quite common, but most of the time they are used for the front door or the garage door. These colours would look a little overwhelming on windows, but they showcase particular elements on a property such as the front door or the garage door really well.


​UPVC Spraying for Swansea has been transforming homes and businesses with professional spraying services for many years and we have a fantastic record of improvements. If you would like a free quote of our UPVC spraying Swansea prices from us to spray paint any part of your property then please get in touch and we will be over the moon to help.