UPVC Spraying for Swansea

Colour coordinate your home with professional spray painters.

Colour coordinate your home with professional spray painters

Different colour sheets our professional spray painters can use

There has never been a better moment to learn about and adopt good design choices for our home. And with the recent rise in TV series and internet video channels about home design, it’s easier than ever to do so. Colour plays a major role in this. And our professional spray painters will tell you that using colour is a simple way to update your space.

Neighbour pressure

Unfortunately, ‘keeping up with the Jonses’ is a thing. And when a few houses on your street get new windows or a new door, it adds pressure on you to do the same. Now the problem with this is that it’s not in everyone’s budget to get a full house of replacement windows. this is because they are quite expensive and take some time to install. Another reason may be that you had your windows done not that long ago and so they are structurally fine. In which case it would be a waste of money to replace them entirely. Painting UPVC rather than replacing it is a great way to reduce costs, downtime, and inconvenience. Any homeowner who wants to harmonise the colours of their home’s outside and interior can benefit from this practical and efficient alternative

Here is what our professional spray painters do instead

If you want to proceed down this road, it’s best to get some expert advice first. Have a look on Google for some ‘UPVC spray painters near me‘ and find a reliable crew… like us.

We will come out and visit your house or property for an initial consultation. Equally, if you want a rough idea of the price, then you can send us a photo of your windows or doors etc and we’ll be able to send you back a ballpark figure. If you want to go ahead with the project then to begin, we clean the exterior of the UPVC fixtures. This step is critical because the paint won’t adhere properly otherwise. The end product will be less than ideal because of this. Then our experts will spray, and then apply the finishing touches using spray applicators. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of UPVC paint colours currently available. So matching is a breeze.


Spraying UPVC is a fast and affordable alternative to replacing old windows or doors if you want to change the colour of your home. And with so many choices of colour, it might well be the answer you’ve been seeking.

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