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Garage Door Spraying Swansea

Garage door that has been sprayed a light grey

Spray cans are often the tool of choice when it comes to painting garage doors for the vast majority of homeowners. If however, they were aware that doing so is far more costly than employing a professional. They would choose a different course of action. To get the desired results in terms of appearance and how well the paint adheres, you will need to apply at least three coats of paint to the garage door. To apply just one coat will need at least seven different spray cans. So, you should do the calculations on your own and then get in touch with our expert garage door spraying Swansea crew.


Why you should spray your garage door in Swansea

To boost the overall aesthetic of your house and give your garage door a more contemporary look. You have two choices. You might have a new one professionally installed or you could just get your current one sprayed. An essential component of the outside of your house is the garage door. This is because often takes up a large portion of the front elevation of the building. A new coat of spray paint may completely transform the door! Not to mention the aesthetic appeal of your property as a whole. This is why will also have a commercial spraying side to our business because the process is very similar!


One of the most significant benefits of applying a coat of spray paint to your garage door is the potential for it to be a cost-effective method of updating the overall look of your home. It’s possible that giving the garage door a fresh coat of spray paint will give it a more modern look. And this will be for a fraction of the cost of replacing the whole thing.

Prolong its life

Spray painting your garage door provides a number of benefits. One of which is the ability to protect it from the elements, such as precipitation and ultraviolet radiation. It’s possible that the paint will act as a barrier, keeping the door safe from injury and extending its lifespan.

A fun activity

As a do-it-yourself project for the weekend, spray painting your garage door may also be a lot of fun to do. As long as you carefully prepare and have the right tools. Homeowners can alter the visual aesthetic of their garage door and make other improvements to the outside of their homes.

Quick & inexpensive

Spray painting your garage door is a method that is both quick and inexpensive. And it can be used to improve the visual appeal of your home and protect the front door from the weather. Whether you want to maintain the door or enhance the curb appeal of your property. Spray painting is a smart investment that will accomplish both of these goals.

A garage door in Swansea that has been sprayed blue

When to spray your garage door

Since a garage door is a large surface you want to make sure to start spraying during a dry windy day. This is so the paint can dry out better and the process can be quicker. Don’t paint when you know it’s going to rain or otherwise the rain is going to ruin the paint after you’re done. Painting during a hot day is also not advisable because it can cause the paint to develop cracks on the surface. This can happen even shortly after you have painted the door. When the temperature is around 21 degrees is a perfect day to spray paint your garage door.


Use paper to cover the frame and make sure to close the door. Put the paper on the ground in front and back of the door to make sure you don’t leave any stains. Cover any other surface that is not going to be painted. Make sure to scrape off any old paint or bumps. Then clean the door with a pressure washer to remove any dirt, dust or rust on the surface. You can choose to first sand the door and then use the pressure washer to remove everything before you start spray painting.

Choosing the paint

When choosing the paint you must understand that it is not only about the colour of the paint. You must also understand the purpose of it. When spray painting, make sure to cover all the surfaces on the first coat. Then give it thirty minutes to dry out before continuing. Usually, you want to apply three coats of paint to make sure the whole process is done properly. This way you can make the garage door look brand new.


When you are spray painting you need to make sure that the tip of the device is an average of 8 inches away from the surface. Wear gloves and eye protection when you spray paint. This is because it’s really easy for any drops to end up inside your eye! Which might cost you a trip to the emergency room. Make sure you clean all the surfaces that are going to be painted. Also that you cover all the surfaces that are not going to be painted. If you search for ‘garage door spraying near me‘ then we’ll probably be the company to show up. It’s not just garages we do so call our company for any free advice or questions you might have.

Reach out to our Swansea garage door spraying company!

So from a possible family fun weekend activity to a completely new look for your house. Garage door spraying in Swansea has so many positives that you shouldn’t waste another day deciding. And if it is something you want to go ahead with but don’t want to tackle it by yourself then you know where to find us.