UPVC Spraying for Swansea

How long will the paint last?

When it comes to the quality of the materials we use for many of our projects at home, we usually go for the best and want to get our money’s worth. Now there isn’t a problem with that. It’s only natural to do all the necessary research and plan out everything before getting the job done. This includes acquiring some help. This also is the case when it comes to heavy home services such as spray painting. It may seem like it could be all a one-and-done process when you spray paint. This is because the hardest part would be to apply the paint to all the surfaces needed. But a lot of thought and planning goes into the paint that you would be wanting to use as well.

Choosing colour and quality

There are many kinds of spray paint and the choice may be clear on what colour you’d want but the quality is something to keep an eye out for. Over here, our UPVC Spraying Wales team have got the finest paints ready for you. And our team of experts has carefully chosen and conducted the necessary tests to see which ones stand out in terms of quality and longevity.

Photo of an hourglass timer as this page is about how long the paint will last

The paint we use

Now, of course, longevity plays such a vital role in the paint that we use. And it’s no surprise that it does matter. For one, it determines how much time can it stay on the applied surface e.g. the window frame. This would be without any problems occurring such as peeling or cracking. These would be just to name a few of the situations that would happen over time. Not to worry though because our team has also conducted extensive research regarding the amount of time that the paint that we have would stay intact with the surface it was applied on.


For the lifespan of the paint. First well comment on unused paint. This would also consider paint that has been unopened and touched by air or pretty much stayed in the can since the purchase can stay good for up to fifteen years. This is given if it has not been exposed to any extreme cold or freezing temperature in your storage area. Second, spray paint that is water-based acrylic and latex kind can look great for up to a good ten years once applied to a surface. In terms of storage, if it were never opened and also kept away from freezing temperatures. Then still be over ten years. The point is to allow the paint to maintain its liquid form and not turn into a solid thus enabling it to be unusable for the rest of its lifespan.