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Conservatory Spraying Swansea

Conservatory in Swansea that has been sprayed with grey

Conservatory spray painting requires the expertise of a professional with many years of relevant work experience. Painting may be done quickly and effectively by the professionals at UPVC Spraying Swansea. We provide a broad variety of painting services. And the trained members of our team are familiar with all of the procedures for spraying UPVC conservatories produced from a variety of materials. From metal to wood, we can take care of it. Do you want to refurbish your old conservatory or paint the one you just built? Our conservatory spraying Swansea team is one of the few qualified to do this task.


Why you should spray your conservatory in Swansea

Spraying the conservatory with protective spray is an important step in keeping the appearance of your house and protecting it from the outside elements. And lots of conservatories in the UK lead into the kitchen. This can allow lots of sunlight though which can discolour your kitchen cupboards. But do not worry as we also offer kitchen spraying in Swansea. Every home would benefit greatly from the addition of a conservatory. Nonetheless, it is possible for it to suffer harm at the hands of the elements and the weather. Spraying it on a regular basis will keep your conservatory looking great for many years to come. And it will help prevent damage of this kind.

Protection from the sun

One of the primary benefits of spraying your conservatory is that it will shield it from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Over time, the fading, cracking or warping of your conservatory may be brought on by the sun’s rays. You may prevent these issues from occurring by spraying your conservatory with a preventative solution. This will also maintain it in good condition.

Keep it clean

Spraying your conservatory might help avoid the buildup of dirt and grime, which is another advantage of doing so. Insects, dust, and other forms of debris often congregate in conservatories. Which over time may diminish the visual value of these spaces. It’s possible that frequent spraying may help remove this collection and keep your conservatory looking as crisp and lively as it did when you first bought it.

Avoid damage

If you spray your conservatory with a protective coating, it may also help prevent damage caused by wind and rain. It’s possible that using a protective spray will help you prevent these issues and keep your conservatory in tip-top form. Your conservatory may experience a gradual deterioration and loss of stability as a result of these factors over time.

Simple & effective

In general, spraying your conservatory is a simple and effective method that can be used to maintain its attractive appearance. Whether you’re attempting to protect your conservatory from the sun or the elements, investing in spraying is a smart decision. This is because it may help to keep it looking great for years to come.

Photo of a conservatory that has been spray painted


First, our team will sand the conservatory and make sure all the dirt and old paint are removed from it. Then we will take care of any cracks that the conservatory might have. We’ll use filler to get rid of the cracks and then sand the surface to level it. Then the glass needs to be masked to avoid any paint getting near it. Also paper needs to be used to cover the floor and any other surface that needs to be protected. Once this preparation is done we can start the UPVC spray painting until the conservatory looks brand new.


With aluminium, the process is different. The surface of the aluminium conservatory must be cleaned with soapy water. This is to make sure any dirt or dust is off the surface. Then it needs to be dried with a clean cloth. Any areas that are not to be painted must be covered and isolated for protection. Then you must apply a basic cleaner with a clean cloth on the surface. Followed by using a sponge to clean any bumps that the surface might have. You can then start applying the paint in one to three rounds. Make sure you allow a thirty-minute break between rounds for the paint to dry out.


So a decade has passed ever since you first built your orangery. Or maybe you have a new orangery but you somehow regretted the original paint choice that you made. Either way, you are considering changing it. No problem whatsoever. We can do that for you as we specialise in spray painting orangeries. We can cover all the material that doesn’t need the paint stains on it. Then we can get to work to make your orangery look like a brand new one or look like that was the original paint. You can give our company a call for more information about the costs and the procedures of orangery painting.

Roof lanterns

Not a lot of companies offer this kind of service. This is because it takes the subtle hands of an expert to be able to paint a roof lantern without making a mess. But here at UPVC Spraying Swansea, we have the best of the best to make sure that you get a professional service. This means you can be certain that spending every penny was worth it. From a different range of colours, we can help you decide what suits best with your taste. So rest assured that we’ll guide you through the whole process.

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We hope that after reading this that if you’re looking for a conservatory spraying Swansea team you think of us. As you can see, we also do roof lanterns and orangeries. If you still need to ask any questions then call us on 01792 720836 and we will be happy to answer.