UPVC Spraying for Swansea

What type of finish will the paint have?

When thinking about spray painting our windows, we would always love to envision the output before we start the project. We even plan out everything from start to finish. Ensuring that the final result would be exactly how we thought of it in the first place. In terms of spray painting, we can only truly see what type of finish the paint has when everything has dried. When it comes to spraying on our homes, it is quite essential to vision the finish of the whole paint job as well. As this is would be one of the first things noticed about the paint immediately.

The paint

The paint’s finish or also called the “sheen”, is the surface texture that the paint would create. It also matters because of how much light would be bouncing off the surface itself. The finish also can affect the way how the eye would perceive the colour so that’s something to consider as well. You should do this before selecting the type of paint and service to be done.

Photo of the inside of a commercial property as the paint will have a factory finish once it's been sprayed on

The paint finish

When you come and speak to our UPVC spraying Wales team, we always have the answers regarding your spraying queries. Now that we’re on the topic of finishes on paint for your home project. We can tell you from years of experience that the finish is of the same standard as if it had been originally made in the factory.


In terms of thinking about how the finish will look in your project. We would first need to find out what surface you are planning on having sprayed. As each different surface offers a different finish e.g. it will look slightly different spraying a garage door to a kitchen cabinet to a UPVC window. Whatever surface you are thinking about having done. We are certain you will be over the moon with the finish we provide. We are more than happy to coordinate with our customers in considering everything when it comes to your home project. As this would heavily impact the paint on the surface and the outcome of the project. We would only want the best UPVC spraying cost for our customers and also to have a great impact on your homes as we assist with your projects.