UPVC Spraying for Swansea

Can you spray paint windows?

Painting windows is time-consuming and demanding. But our professional UPVC spraying in South Wales team provides a quick and efficient window frame spraying service to homeowners, landlords, and commercial businesses. So the answer is yes to your question ‘Can you spray paint windows’. It is easy for us to spray paint all varieties of uPVC double-glazed windows and metal and wooden windows that have previously been painted.

Old windows and doors

There is nothing more unattractive than uPVC doors and windows that are outdated and worn out. There is no question in anyone’s mind that if you have older uPVC windows in your home, you are aware that they can start to fog up. In the 1980s, a brand new generation of white uPVC doors and windows ushered in a revolutionary period for the glazing and door market. Over one million homes in the United Kingdom have been outfitted with long-lasting, low-maintenance, double-paned plastic windows and doors. These windows and doors require no painting or other upkeep.

​The paint on your bedroom window may have faded or chipped, and you’ll need to get it restored. Updating your home’s exterior features required shelling out thousands of dollars to replace them completely. Respraying UPVC windows have been proven to restore the colour and lustre of brand-new windows thanks to advancements in paint technology in recent years. Your UPVC windows will look better and last longer if you apply a coat of paint to them. Clean, fresh looks and superior protection from the weather are both possible with specially designed UPVC paint.

Fastest way to improve your windows

Photo of a stopwatch as spray painting widows is the quickest way to make them look better

You can finish the task of spraying UPVC windows in Swansea quickly and easily. Since there is no construction or building involved, you may escape the headaches that come with a replacement. On the other hand, Spray painting can be completed in a matter of hours rather than days or even weeks. As a result, the spray-painting operation is less disruptive and dirty. An alternative would require more equipment and take longer to dry. This is less of a problem because only the painting location will be affected by the paint and it can be contained more readily.

The spraying process

A paint that will bond with the substrate rather than simply attempting to adhere to it will be extra required for this task. Despite being more rigid than PVC, thermal movement will occur in UPVC (expanding and contracting a little in the heat). Even in our mild British climate, the region between glass and wall on houses, flats, and apartments is subjected to extremely high temperatures. This is mainly if the building is south-facing. As a result, you will require a paint that provides UV protection against the ultraviolet radiation emitted by the sun.

UPVC window spraying is a simple and effective technique to transform the appearance of your home with little to no work on your part. It’s straightforward, but it’s pretty effective and produces long-lasting results. Our colour guide contains many beautiful paint colours from which to choose. We can also provide a variety of colour and wood grain options. We can even make a unique hue, particularly for you.


With the help of our extensive network of painters, you can make informed judgments regarding your project requirements. All you have to do is search for paint sprayers near me and you’ll find us. Then you can chat with a team member at UPVC Spraying for Swansea right away.