UPVC Spraying for Swansea

Can you spray internal windows and doors?

Although UPVC spraying is mostly done externally if you are wondering can you spray internal windows and doors? The answer is yes as it is not restricted to outside products. We found that we were getting more and more calls from customers asking to have their kitchen cupboards and their bedroom wardrobes sprayed. This is because it gives them a fresh look at the fraction of the cost. So, in short, yes, you can spray internal windows and doors….. and kitchens and cupboards. UPVC Spraying for Swansea has been asked to do this so many times that we are now specialists in interior and exterior UPVC spray painting. Let us go over some of the most common questions that our clients ask about interior spray painting.

Common questions about interior spray painting

Will it create any mess?

The prepping phase for internal spraying is somewhat similar to the external process. This is with the exception that it involves a lot more masking due to the inside being much more enclosed. First, we’ll move any obstructions and furniture that are near or in front of the area to be sprayed. If any items can’t be moved and are close to the spraying area then we will cover them with protective masking. We will also cover the edges and walls. This will stop any overspray from getting on your furniture.

Does spray painting internally leave a smell?

As with any type of painting project, there will be a smell associated with wet paint. It is similar to if you were to paint the wall yourself. With the nature of spray paint, we take extra measures to always make sure the property is as ventilated as possible. We do this by opening as many windows and doors. This will drastically reduce the lifespan of the smell. The spray paint that our UPVC spraying Wales team use dries much quicker than normal paint. Because of this, the smell generally does not last as long as if you were using standard paint on your wall.

The inside of a home's living room which the internal windows and doors have been sprayed

Is the UPVC spray paint toxic?

We take staff and customer safety seriously which is why we use non-toxic paint for humans and animals. As we previously mentioned the spray paint dries quickly which reduces any health hazards. As well as being quick drying it is very hard-wearing which gives a great finish to your internal windows and doors. And it is why we can give a ten-year guarantee to all of our jobs. If you want more information on this then Google spray painter near me and you can speak to our guy.


The UPVC spraying Swansea staff will give your inside windows and doors a completely new look by spray painting your existing products. Not only will it make them look new but it will extend their life expectancy. So many different colours are popular at the moment from choosing oak to give a warm and cosy feel to white to brighten up the inside of any home. Why not contact us today for a free no-obligation quote? When we give out UPVC spraying quotes, we can offer the price based on a complete spray. This means we will do the exterior and interior.