UPVC Spraying for Swansea

Do I need to do anything before you arrive?

With a lot of services that cater to our homes, we always want to make sure that everything runs smoothly. This is usually from before the job starts and during and after. This normally is the case in almost all home projects that require decorating such as spray painting. Lots of our clients ask us ‘Do I need to do anything before you arrive?’ Our UPVC spraying Wales team always remind our customers what could be done before our crew come over. We too would want you to be prepared over at your side to make sure everything goes according to plan. This also helps ensure that the project for your home will be finished in the set time. 

You don't HAVE to do anything before we arrive

Our company would always recommend that you go ahead and give us a call. This is so we could better assist you. Because we could discuss all that we may come across when it comes to the planning of your home project. Now of course we go ahead and discuss all the details going into your home project. These also include the materials that will be utilised and the services that would come along with them. For any preparation that would be needed before our specialised team would come over. We also recommend that if you can, move your valuable items that may be in the way e.g. A car.

A car that has been moved from the drive before the spraying team arrive

But if you wanted to help out

Our team will be prepared for everything possible regarding the job. But with this being said. If you are unable to move anything because it may be heavy or awkward like a sofa. Then do not panic because our boys will be on hand to do it for you. We only ask if people are able to move some things because it means we can get the job done quicker. This means that we can be out of your hair quicker too.


So to answer do I need to do anything before you arrive is no. But we would humbly ask you to prepare anything that you think could help complete the job quicker. While also waiting for our team, we also ask you to keep an eye out for any part of the area that would need repairing to be done. This can happen if something changes from leaving the initial appointment to us starting the job. We value our customers and the spray UPVC windows Swansea projects they bring to us. So we would love to help out in all the ways we can. Because of this we love to keep you prepared and in the mix when it comes to getting your home project done and all ready to go!