UPVC Spraying for Swansea

What if my UPVC is cracked?

A lot of house features begin to wear down and show the signs of the struggle it took at the hands of time. The same can be said when we would have a new window project that we’ve done and once admired. So even if your UPVC is cracked and even peeling. The solution is to spray it instead of replacing the whole thing. During the lifespan of UPVC, there will be signs of its age. We can use those signs as indicators of what can be done. Immediate action can be taken to prevent the worsening of the condition of the UPVC.

The UPVC Spraying South Wales team encourages our customers to go ahead and give us a call when they see signs of peeling or cracking in the paint. We would advise you on what you could do next or we can check out the paint ourselves.

Small cracks

Repairing a peel or crack in UPVC is very possible. And we have certain steps and procedures to help you out if it is cracked. Here we would use a suitable plastic filler that is low shrinkage of course. Now let’s say you’ve got just a small crack in a UPVC window or maybe even a door. These are less of a problem as they can be easily repaired with little to no trace.

Photo of old windows that are peeling and cracking

Large cracks

The tricky part comes when larger cracks would appear. Although quite difficult as mentioned, taking care of that is not completely impossible. A large crack could cause structural weakness which means it is a huge security risk. In this case, we do advise that you give us a call once you notice those kinds of large cracks and not delay! We would offer the best solution for you and your home. And usually would be able to walk you through any necessary steps for the repair. Or we can come over to your site or home and help you out with the situation.


Regarding some of the solutions, If it is small cracks then we can take care of them. But if there would be any instance that the cracks have caused a significant amount of damage. Then some repairs might be needed. And the possibility of having a replacement for a window or door might be the only option. But not to worry our company will advise you on either outcome. We would still be more than willing to help when it comes to assisting you in getting a replacement or repairs on the project you have in mind. There’s nothing better than customer-oriented service and we hold this dear to our hearts that only the best goes to our customers.