UPVC Spraying for Swansea

Can you spray paint UPVC in rainy weather?

There are lots of times that the weather becomes rather unpredictable and thus rather hard to deal with. So if you are asking if can you spray paint UPVC in rainy weather then the answer is no. We understand that nobody wants the weather to go ahead and hinder our plans for spray painting. But living in Swansea this is a common occurrence. We want to be safe when it comes to spraying as water from the rain can stir up trouble. This can happen when you apply the paint on the surface or when it’s coming out of the end of the gun. Either way, rain is not necessarily a huge hassle but it does affect our home projects. This is because we can’t neatly and completely finish the windows or doors in bad weather conditions.

The best temperature for spraying

Our UPVC spraying Wales team of experts understand and has put it to the test that UPVC is best to be sprayed at a temperature of seven degrees. This is because weather such as freezing and cold conditions would actually slow down the drying process of the paint. And it eventually extends its drying process throughout. Also in other circumstances, it stops the drying process completely! This is an instance that you wouldn’t prefer when spray painting your home’s front door

Why we can't spray in the rain

A photo of rain hitting the road which would be unsuitable weather to spray paint in

If you were to even try to spray paint in the rain, it would extend the paint’s drying time. And this would also slow down the time needed to complete the whole painting job. Let’s say you have completed the painting during some rainy weather. The morning dew the following morning would also put the paint and project at even further risk. That is something we would not want for the lovely homes of our customers. Which is why we like to get the job wrapped up way before the end of the day. This way the paint has plenty of time to dry before the morning dew becomes a threat.

Planning around the rain

What we can suggest for your home projects and painting is that you go ahead and give us a call. You can find us by looking on the internet for spray painters near me. From there we can discuss when it would be the most convenient and easy way to help you realise the dream of having a house project done to help improve your home. Our team of spraying experts is always informed about the weather reports and forecasts when they would be coming to your home or site. With that in mind, we would be duly prepared when such instances, like rain, would be likely to occur. In this case, we’d advise putting the project on hold until the sun would come and shine once again. 


When our team come over as well, they will be inspecting the area as well as the weather. This is just to make sure that you and our team are fully prepared on what to do once at your home or site. They will also give you a rough estimate of how long or short the time to accomplish the task will take. You can take our team’s word as they have a lot of experience that comes along with the job. Although painting in the rain isn’t impossible, it’s most recommended that you wait till the next day. And if that’s still not an option then when the rain has completely subsided. Please feel free to give us a call and we’ll be ready to help may it be rain or shine!