UPVC Spraying for Swansea

Spray paint your windows before selling your house.

Spray paint your windows before selling your house

Windows that have been spray painted white on a house that is up for sale

When it comes to recommending companies to spray paint your windows, we often hesitate. This is not because we do not have a link or the name of another service provider. We hesitate because when you recommend someone or something, you are not only suggesting one of the best in that particular field (that you know of). You are also putting your integrity on the line. This principle is implemented even more when the services of a professional sprayer are needed. This was the case when a customer of ours needed to spray most of the windows of his house before putting it up for sale as he was relocating. He was more specific about the kind of painters he needed because the windows of his house were made of UPVC. He found UPVC Spraying for Swansea by searching for UPVC window spraying near me and we showed up.


UPVC is an abbreviation of the product unplasticised polyvinyl chloride. PVCs (Poly Vinyl Chloride) are usually used to make pipes, but UPVC is now a popular choice in making windows and door frames. This is because of their rigidity and resistance to weathering. It is important to use paint that will not cause wear and tear when you paint UPVC. Spray paint is a good choice for UPVC. And this is why we created our company UPVC Spraying for Swansea around that product.

Why choose us to spray paint your windows?

UPVC Spraying for Swansea is a company located in Swansea. And we are made up of professional painters that can give you the desired paint job at an affordable rate with a truckload of expertise. We pride ourselves in having experience in spray painting, especially with UPVC products that quite a few have, thus giving us an advantage. Still not convinced? Read our posts on the difference between spraying windows and spraying door frames on our website. You will soon see that we know what we are on about. We highlight that painting not only depends on the colour of paint or type of sprayer used but also on the professionalism used in painting.

Below is a quick summary of the other services we offer


Our UPVC spraying Wales staff understand that there is a technique to spray painting windows that involves subtlety. We state this, also emphasising our confidence in the spraying job that we do. We tell you that you will be impressed by the amount of work that our professionals do in such a short time to spray paint a UPVC window. Also how we give a smooth finish compared to when amateurs do the same job.


You can trust us to also bring our expertise when it comes to painting doors. We have spoken about the high chance of the paint drying out, becoming bumpy and an overall distortion when an inexperienced person paints your door. But our UPVC spray painters are one of the best when it comes to doors. You want to know why and how I know? Check out our testimonials.


You may also be impressed by the fact that we restore conservatories at UPVC Spraying Swansea. Every five to ten years, many people want to change their conservatories. And because this is a hectic project, the restoration of conservatories (if not done well) can lead to stained floors and paint-covered glass units. This is if you engage in the services of amateurs. We assure you that our team of experienced painters will really do what you asked of us… Which is to transform your conservatory!

Garage doors

Spray painting garage doors is a walkover at our UPVC spraying Swansea company. However, due to the size of a garage door, it can be quite a daunting task for other companies that do not paint frequently. But we do spray frequency, and so our experience of painting garage doors is a trait that we boast of!


The kitchen is usually considered to be the room that has personality in the house. This is why experience is not only needed with kitchen spray painting. Innovation and creativity will definitely be the difference between an amateur, a “professional” painter and a UPVC spray painter! You can rest assured that our painters come up with creative ideas to transform your kitchen into a haven with just a spray of paint.

Commercial properties

You will be surprised although we can do all the aforementioned we can also spray commercial units. This is a bigger type of project and one that you really don’t want to use inexperienced sprayers.


As you can see it’s we won’t only spray paint your windows before selling your house. But most of the other features associated with making it stand out on the market e.g. front and garage doors. You can fill out a quote form and book us right away. Alternatively, you can give us a call at 01792 720836 and find out all that you need to know as a representative is always available to speak to you! If you are in Swansea or its surrounding area, search for paint sprayers near me and check us out!

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