UPVC Spraying for Swansea

Spray paint your UPVC windows instead of replacing them.

Spray paint your UPVC windows instead of replacing them

Photo of a balance scale tilting towards the spray paint option as it is usually better than replacing windows

We will spray paint your UPVC windows and doors using top-quality, hi-tech advanced coatings that most people cannot. We think it’s a smart idea to spray the windows and doors with a colour that best suits your home.

The UPVC Spraying South Wales team’s paint chemically binds to give your windows and doors a new look. This resembles a factory finish and is highly durable. We also spray suspended ceiling and ceiling vacuums so that you can finish perfectly at no cost to replace the tiled ceilings.

How to spray paint UPVC

UPVC windows are exposed daily to UV radiation, emissions, pollen, and noise. And with today’s colour choice, they are no longer boring and dead. Because it’s visible from a long distance, the UPVC plays a significant role in the exterior picture. And remember that you only get one chance to make a great first impression! So keep up with the pattern of UPVC sprays.

Photovoltaic painting − the most convenient way to paint your painting and the most convenient way to do it without having to pay the high costs of the replacement. This is because of the time saved by the effort to install current UPVC doors and windows. We use our UPVC painting process to spruce up the old tired doors, whipped doors, and fixtures to rejuvenate and provide a modern, durable finish for you.

The key advantages of spray painting

Extremely cost efficient

Up to 75% less costly than repairing the older windows/doors! So save your money with UPVC spraying and think about the extra cash for your next holiday in your wallet!

Longer life

UPVC spraying will prolong the life of your windows and doors! This is because the coating is expected to last for at least 10 years when properly applied and can survive most environmental conditions.

Save time & energy

75% of the job is done and so we get on with it calmly and happily. This is because no construction work is required. Also, the noise is minimal and you don’t have to worry about your internal decoration being changed.

Look fresh & new

The surface of the UPVC paint is UV resistant. This will keep the windows and doors intact and new for a longer time. So with this in mind, spray-painted UPVC windows are an affordable way to change their look. Also, the UPVC spraying Swansea prices are cheaper than changing your windows so why bother to replace them if there’s nothing wrong with how your windows work? You can modify your look with paint and you can do it yourself!

Arrows to go with the phases of spray painting

The phases of spray painting

UPVC should not be poured or charred and brushed. The paint should be aerated and thinly coated. The paint should not be burnt. Touch-based painting applications won’t produce the flawless factory finish you like.

The temperature atmosphere is important. This depends on the colour you choose, but when the temperature is 12 to 30°C a reasonable rule of thumb is to paint. The paint dries in good time in this temperature range.

You don’t need a first-only, a decent solvent-based paint is enough! The first layer is made of a high-quality solvent colour.

Phase 1: Cleaning

To get rid of soil and industrial waste before you spray paint UPVC windows. You will clean your UPVC first with soap and water. When you have done so, let the UPVC dry and remove the toxins in the methylated spirit. UPVC becomes clear enough to paint as soon as the spirit evaporates. Through the window, run your hand. The coating is perfect because it is flat. Try to clean it again if it’s not smooth.

Phase 2: Masking

Various spray guns have numerous spray areas, and you can first paint an old piece of wood. Test the spray area. What’s the width? Take the detail of the masking and add it to it. Cover the vitreous off at the stage it meets UPVC. Using the old newspaper to replace the glazing with whatever you want. Make sure that there is a clean line but don’t worry too far. If the edge of the glazing has a little paint, it can be removed with the fingernail once it is dry.

Masonry and the overall framework also ought to be concealed. This requires no precision. Make sure that it is sealed.

Phase 3: Spraying

You don’t have to prime yourself if you follow our advice and have bought a high-quality solvent-based paint that interacts with the UPVC molecularly. For this scenario, the first colour coat serves as the first layer.

Your dock will be adjustable on your spray paint arm. The position of the sash should be set. The horizontal sash and the vertical sash with the vertical nozzle should be sprayed. Do not think about the overlap of the result – we are aiming for an aggregate result here, not the corner.

Here we would need thin jackets. To complete the work in three coverages, you spray UPVC. This includes a small, but equivalent, hand and path spray of the UPVC. Your hand is never meant to linger too long on one location.

You may wonder what on earth you have done at this point. The first coat may be tangy. Yet don’t think, don’t think about that.

Leaving in each paint coat for at least 30 minutes – regardless of the box. A solvent-based paint should allow 30 minutes to fully dry as long as you obey our advice and paint at a temperature range of 12 to 30°C.

When you have completed the 3rd paint, leave the UPVC window 6 ft away and check your style. Even is it? Is the new colour of the window 100%? Now is the time to mix them in if there are any defects. Only one more coat is required.

Phase 4: Completion

Happy at the end? Secure wishes!

Let the window dry after the final coat for at least two hours. Instead, you may continue to cut the tape to file. Don’t matter if the paint didn’t hit tiny parts – they can be sprayed later.

You can now go ahead and prepare to do the rest by effectively painting a UPVC frame. Please note that the work is more complicated at height. Scaffolding is really necessary for such jobs.


Remember that we are the experts in UPVC spraying in South Wales and spray paint UPVC windows day in and day out but we hope you have found some guidance with this guide.

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