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How to prepare UPVC windows for painting?

How to prepare UPVC windows for painting?

An old house that has had its windows prepared for spray painting and then sprayed grey

Regarding the exterior of your home, the windows are likely the most noticeable element. Therefore, their condition and look have a significant impact on your property’s aesthetic effect and visual appeal. Painting UPVC windows can give a tired-looking home a new lease on life. Our expert team at UPVC spraying Swansea explains how you can appropriately prepare your UPVC windows for painting. To get a decent finish when painting UPVC windows frames, you must prep your correctly. Poor preparation will lead to a short life span for the paint; even with good preparation and the right UPVC spray paint, you won’t get the same durability as a brand- new UPVC door or window.

Why it's important to prepare your UPVC windows for painting

It is essential to protect your window glazing and the exterior of your home with protective coverings. This protects your property and ensures that you only paint your UPVC window frames and not the rest of your house.

How to clean the surface

​As with any painting job, you need to make sure the surface you want to paint is clean and dirt-free. Use a clean cloth, a brush, or a dry sponge to wipe away any dust or dirt that has settled on the surface. This is where the majority of the work is done. It is vital to keep the surface as clean and clear as possible. Take your time, be as thorough as possible, and do as much cleaning as possible. Whether or not your painting job is easy and gives you the results you want will depend on how well you cleaned the surface.

How to prime the surface

It would be best to paint UPVC the same way you would paint any other surface. The surface needs to be clean and free of grease and dirt and sanding will help the paint stick better. It takes a lot of time and effort to paint UPVC windows. You must be a skilled painter or have the necessary equipment and paint accessories to get the job done efficiently.


​Our UPVC spraying Wales team have a qualified and experienced team in painting UPVC window frames available to answer your questions. With years of experience serving, we provide a premium service and work closely with you to achieve the desired result. We provide UPVC spray paint services throughout Swansea, and our focus on the county has allowed us to become a leading and trusted source. We offer an excellent 10-year guarantee to all clients, demonstrating our confidence in our work

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