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Can you spray paint a garage door?

Can you spray paint a garage door?

A garage door that has been spray painted red in Swansea

We at UPVC Spraying for Swansea recognise how crucial it is to keep your garage doors looking good and operating properly. As subject matter experts, we often get questions asking whether you can spray paint a garage door. We want to answer this question and provide you all the information you need to know about painting garage doors in our detailed blog post.

Any garage door, whether it is constructed of metal, wood, UPVC, or composite, may be sprayed. But the major worry that homeowners have is:

  • How durable the painted finish will be? 
  • Can it withstand abrasion? 
  • Will it flake off if prodded? 
  • After a tough winter, will the paint on the door flake and separate?

Here is all the information you need to spray paint a garage door

Optimal garage door paint

Exterior solvent-based paint is required for painting garage doors. But the paint may be multipurpose as long as it is approved for outdoor usage. Or if it can be particularly developed for the substrate (such as composite).

The ‘all-in-one’ exterior paints that serve as the primer, paint, and topcoat in a single package are the simplest paints to use. And the majority of the producers of these paints guarantee the finish, and they are carefully created to be simple yet effective.

Our spray painting services in Swansea use an all-in-one coating method and offer a 10-year finish warranty on garage doors made of metal, wood, UPVC, or GRP.

Prepping garage doors ready for painting

A garage door requires surface preparation before painting. And the state of the door determines how much preparation is necessary. It should be:

  • Clean and smooth.
  • Free of outdated paint.
  • Devoid of rusting.

A particular primer or a thinned-down version of the main paint is required for priming certain materials. And some surfaces may just need mild sanding. But the garage door will need to be sanded to remove any loose paint if it has already been painted.

Making a spotless and optimal surface for the paint to adhere to is the goal of preparation. This is the secret to a long-lasting finish.

The method of painting garage doors

The type of application is still another important factor. For example, a garage door should never be painted with a brush since this will result in ugly brush marks.

Using an electric spray painting gun with a 12-inch spray fan is the best method to spray paint a garage door. With this system, a garage door can be painted from top to bottom in just under a minute Then you have to leave a 30-minute gap in between coats.

Thin, even layers of spray paint should be applied. For full coverage, most garage doors need three coats, with extra touch-ups necessary in select places.

The next best thing, if you don’t want to use a spray painting gun, is a roller. You can get a smooth, uniform finish with a roller, just stay away from brushes!

Garage door spraying Swansea prices

A competent business will paint a garage door for around £250 plus VAT. But instead of brushing garage doors, we spray paint them.

The factory uses spray painting because it is rapid and produces an even finish. So we paint the door three times, waiting 30 minutes between each coat. And we utilise paint that is solvent-based, very durable, and suited for outdoor usage.

You may purchase an inexpensive electric sprayer instead of the spray painting equipment they sell over the counter if you want to paint your garage door yourself. And these can be helpful for a variety of do-it-yourself applications.


Painting garage doors is an art form, and the goal is to always paint them so they seem as if they came from the manufacturer that way.

We provide free quotations for painted garage doors if you require one. Just call us at 01792 720836 or fill out a contact form. And finally, for total peace of mind, we provide a 10-year warranty on all of our spray painting services.

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