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5 Reasons to choose spraying UPVC windows Vs getting new.

5 Reasons to choose spraying UPVC windows Vs getting new

House that has had its UPVC windows sprayed a light brown colour

Are you thinking of doing a little remodelling around the house? Has the colour of your windows become rather faded or discoloured? Are your windows looking a tad bit outdated and you just wanted to make them look stunning and modern alongside your house? Well, we believe we have a spraying UPVC windows service to help you out with all of that! If you’re still satisfied with the styles of the frames of your windows and they are still in good working condition. Then the best move for them would be to have your windows sprayed rather than having them replaced. If you’re still unsure why that would be best, well we here at UPVC Spraying for Swansea have five reasons that could change your mind. And also make your windows better than ever!

5 Reasons for spraying UPVC windows Vs getting new

1. More of an affordable solution

One of the biggest factors to consider in just about any service is the cost. With this being another expense, it would be best to get the maximum value for your money. And the UPVC spraying cost is much lower than having any kind of window replacement. Window spraying can save you a lot of money and can also manage to make your home look better. On average, the cost of just having your windows sprayed would only be around twenty per cent of the total expenses of having your windows replaced! Not a bad investment when you want your home to be looking modern and spiffy.

2. Environmentally friendly

Along with being able to save a lot of money for our valued customers. You would also be glad to know that when you go on ahead and search for UPVC spraying near me and find us. You are doing the environment a huge favour! UPVC-sprayed windows have been proven to be one of the most environment-friendly glazing products out there in the market. To put things into perspective. Because of the advances in technology, a lot of products out there and product innovation itself have made a massive impact in making sure that the materials we use today are in UPVC. So, spraying is less harmful to the environment when used. It would also be much more beneficial to all customers out there and save them the hassle of replacing the whole window.

3. Unlimited colour choice

When you choose to get our UPVC spraying Swansea team to come on over and help improve your windows. You also get the choice of unlimited colour ranges as opposed to the limitations posed by getting any of your windows replaced. Since getting a new window would limit you on other options and in the choosing of the colour for them. We think that this can be quite an impactful statement! As you want your windows to match just about everything in your home. Because of this, customers can make sure that they go well with everything else. Our company will always be on the look for what could be best for your lovely homes. And we make sure that we deliver on our word when we say that UPVC spraying is just what you would need.

4. Less hassle

When you go for UPVC spraying over window replacement. You’re more than sure you’d be getting more than just the value of your money, but you get even more with all its benefits. One of which would be the hassle-free optimisation that comes with the service. You already know one of the benefits mentioned earlier is saving money. And this reason pulls it out again as you would be once again, saving much more money when it comes to UPVC spraying instead. The service itself would be saving you a lot of time, money, and especially effort since you won’t have to take much out of your day and resources when you go for UPVC Spraying in South Wales.

With the service that you would be having, our experienced team and staff would only be at your home for about one to three days (depending on agreements and the number of windows). This allows you to save up a lot of time and money on manpower as well. We’d be cleaning up everything afterwards. So you won’t have to worry about any debris or any concrete that may come down as opposed to having any of your windows replaced. This would also ensure that no mess would be left around even after the whole spraying session. And it would also mean no old windows to discard, therefore lessening the hassle even more.

5. 10 Year guarantee

Now one of the best benefits that UPVC spraying has to offer is a big one to boot. UPVC has been designed and improved to last for over 10 years. Other than being eco-friendly, UPVC is widely used around the country and is suggested by a lot of window professionals out there. And UPVC Spraying for Swansea is no exception either. Bringing only the best to all our valued customers. We see to it that when you come to us for making your windows look better, everything would be in order just how you want it. And so you’ll get all the benefits that go with UPVC spraying. To just expand a bit further, spraying would ensure you get a nice, smooth and professional finish to your windows. This allows you to avoid any streaks and other marks that would otherwise be caused by brush painting.


Still, opposed to the process of having any of your windows replaced? UPVC spraying offers a variety of advantages that are not offered by the alternative of having those windows replaced. You can always trust our experienced team and employees to do their work effectively. And that they will create the greatest outcomes with every appointment. They have been here for a long time, so they know what they’re doing, even though it may still be a relatively new sort of service. We are aware that you may still be curious about the service or desire additional details about it. So if this is the case, we encourage you to get in touch with us! You can do this by phone or email. And then we may answer any questions or address any concerns you may have.

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